On the first occasion he shows his restlessness and awareness of being late for the wedding feast by beating his breast; on the second occasion, instead, he shows himself more interested in the Mariner’s story. What does the poet see that arouses his emotion? William Pitt the Younger’s policy promoted profitable trade and finance and supported Adam Smith’s theory of laissez-faire. Performer - Culture & Literature è affiancato da Performer - FCE Tutor, un corso per la preparazione della certificazione FCE, con il quale esiste un parallelismo tematico e tipologico (esercizi FCE). It limited factory employment of children under 9. imagination; It gained a primary role in the process of poetic composition. How are man, nature and poetry interrelated, according to the poet? Plot, A brief fictional work of prose. The phrase ‘the swan’s road’ in line 12 is. T. prices of plays; They varied, but were mainly expensive. Will there be a review of the situation in the future? what current of thought encouraged this view. It is mainly written in four-line stanzas. How does he describe the evening? She would like him to make the acquaintance of Mr Bingley so as to introduce their daughters to him. Moor’s lieutenant; Iago, the Moor’s attendant. In what sense is The Tempest characterised by ‘serenity’? 1.3 The Norman Conquest and the Domesday Book, 1.5 From Magna Carta to the Peasants’ Revolt, Link to Contemporary Culture: The ballad through time, Link to Contemporary Culture: The individual in society, What is love? The tales are usually preceded by a prologue, which introduces the theme of the tale, and are sometimes followed by an epilogue. If it is brave to kill oneself, and cowardly to remain alive, then conscience makes cowards of us all. Highlighted in pink: simile comparing the speed be the lord of the land and his central authority Poetry should deal with everyday situations or incidents and with ordinary people, especially humble, rural people. The economic attractions of Britain included the rich agriculture of the South, tin and lead in the West, the availability of slaves and Britain’s strategic importance as an offshore base. C The author means that everybody agrees with the fact that a rich man must be in need of a wife, and goes on to create a world in which the opposite is ironically shown to be the case, as the mothers of the area prepare to unleash their daughters in pursuit of the two eligible visitors to the neighbourhood. Focus on picture 4 and explain why women were particularly in demand to work in factories. main features: told through letters exchanged to the passage of human life. What does Lady Macbeth tell her husband to do? His use of the poetical personal pronoun ‘I’ is not linked to an individual within the context of his time, but stands for a universal ‘I’. a rebellion and asked the king to sign Magna He hails the horrors of Hell (lines 9-10). Major cities will very likely drown, ancient cultures will be swallowed by the seas, and children may have to spend a great deal of their lives fleeing and recovering from vicious storms and extreme droughts. What are these characters like? This is not the courtly love of the idealised goddess-woman, but a real emotion, felt for a real person. Ascended to the throne: 1603 The Parliamentarian army, called New Model Army, was stronger because it was made up of professional soldiers and it had a cavalry. Read lines 1-57 and put these facts into the order in which they appear in the text. Surrendered (line 17) ‘threw down their spears’, Were afraid (line 18) ‘water’d heaven with their tears’. monologue is that Romeo is a Montague and yet The House of Lords was abolished and censorship was introduced. With a child and the figure of God, therefore with innocence. What people does he meet? He deals also with small natural things like flowers. What does it show? Day, 1066. Coleridge makes him spectator as well as actor in the drama, so that he can tell even about his worst terrors with the calm of lucid retrospection. What is the verb? What are the most frequent words used in the play? What could bring relief to man? The only conventional image is that of the woman’s eyes. Student’s activity. What kind of man was the Metaphysical poet? Chaucer did not portray the aristocracy or peasants. It subtly mitigates Darcy’s offensive remarks. Newton’s truly brilliant idea: if the force of gravity reaches to the top of the highest tree, it might reach even further; in particular, it might reach the orbit of the moon. Henry VIII: He wrote an attack on Martin whose ghost haunts Macbeth; Banquo’s ghost. Dante’s Satan (Lucifer) is physically monstrous, described in the Inferno as ‘the ill Worm’; Milton’s Satan takes several forms: he is first presented as a fallen angel who finds himself in a newly created Hell, and later in the poem he takes the classic form of a snake. focuses upon the Merchant’s profession. Student’s activity. the time and place; The scene is set in a bedroom (lines 20, 30) at dawn (lines 1-2). The question is whether time progresses in a way that is pre-ordained. ‘An excess of the subjective’ (lines 16-17). He says that he started the fire so that the family would be forced to interrupt ‘their exclusive evening’, leave their house and confront him. ‘unravish’d bride of quietness’ (line 1), ‘foster-child of silence’ (line 2), ‘Sylvan historian’ (line 3). He calls him slave, so he establishes the master-slave relationship. Military campaigns: A campaign of repression in Boxes: Antonio’s behaviour against Shylock: Shylock blames Antonio for scorning him and his race, causing him financial loss and raising his enemies against him. Who were the Danes and why did they attack Britain? Most of the surviving abbey was built in the Gothic style for Henry III between 1245 and 1272. Vol. What time of day were the plays performed? What was the Domesday Book and what purposes did it serve? Esercizi svolti di Fisica II per l'esame del professor Giovanni Barbero con una selezione di esercizi svolti e commentati tratti dai capitoli 1 e 2 del libro "Elementi di fisica -. What is the style of this play like? What method of description did Chaucer adopt? 2nd section (lines 11-25): Romeo and Juliet’s Venice. the protagonists must fight against external forces that make their relationship difficult, but, unlike the great tragic heroes, they experience no inner struggle. No, he does not, but he makes her understand that he has been listening to her and tells her that she hates his name, so he must be Romeo. Because a Mr Bingley coming from the North has rented Netherfield Park. The American Declaration of Independence stated that governments can only claim the right to rule if they have the approval of those they govern. He has already visited Mr Bingley. Performer Heritage ti guida in un affascinante viaggio attraverso la letteratura inglese.. Heritage: study literature with history and cultural insights. Walton is a double of Frankenstein since he manifests the same ambition, the wish to overcome human limits in his travelling towards the unknown, and the same wish for loneliness and pride of being different. Ballads still have a universal appeal and students will be able to find modern parallels in rap stories. repeated without end and there is no turning The Lilliputians stand for the systematic use of reason, whereas Gulliver is a body and represents materiality and animality opposed to rationality. Up to now your requests are quite reasonable. ‘interrogatories or wry faces on your part’ (line 22). Why can fighting dragons be compared to initiation ceremonies? Suggestion: Lines 110-116 provide an example of Elizabeth’s pride, whereas Darcy’s pride and his prejudice against Elizabeth’s family are clear in lines 9-13. place, Utopian novel Marlowe’s plays embody the true spirit of the Renaissance, concentrating on man as opposed to God, and also represent a departure from the didactic spirit of the medieval morality plays. I cannot deny what I have said. dramatic monologues They worshipped the natural elements such as the sun, the moon, trees and rivers. each line highlight the rhyme scheme: AA BB CC It is a comedy because it begins with the material for a comedy, like the instant attraction of the young lovers, the masked balls, the comic servants and the superficial life of street fights. experienced political disillusionment; What particular moment is illustrated? the Peasants’ Revolt. Catholics who wanted to blow up Parliament and For example it is a serpent born asexually from a rooster’s egg, by the transformation of an animal or by the joint generation of a worm and a metal. The columns are high and numerous and they make the ceiling seem as high as possible. What dramatic act did he commit that night? Why does Prospero have to give up his magical powers in the end? She is connoted as a precious person, while Shylock is corrupt (the black colour of jet) and ordinary (red wine) Highlighted in light blue: words referred by Shylock to Antonio. Lady Macbeth has a more practical attitude and suggests washing the blood away. 9. Pastoral poetry main representative: William Cowper features: celebration of country life (simplicity, domesticity); nature seen as a source of innocence and delight, Nature poetry main representative: James Thomson features: nature in its physical details; his observation of nature included wild scenery and led to reflections on the character of the primitive man, who was contrasted with civilised man, Ossianic poetry main representative: James Macpherson features: cult of a simple and primitive life, growing interest in folk traditions; melancholy and suffering, description of a wild, gloomy nature, Graveyard School main representative: Thomas Gray, Edward Young features: melancholic tone; cemeteries, ruins and stormy landscapes. Here not only the private emotional experience of the two young protagonists is explored, but also their social context and even the ideas of love, destiny and death. most radical members were called the ‘Rump’ He rebelled early against his conventional background and in 1811 he was expelled from Oxford University because of his radical pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism (1811), challenging the existence of God. Highlighted in green: similes and metaphors, Highlighted in light blue: the presence of the poet is shown in the last two stanzas, Highlighted in grey: the poet’s wish to identify himself with the wind. Most people turn away from the problem of climate change because dealing with it requires changing not just some things but everything. it avoided the despotism of a Catholic king. How do the two stanzas differ in mood? Heavy investment in technological development increased and innovation became linked to energy generated from coal. How has burn victims’ skin been cured? The word ‘monster’ comes from the Latin monstrum and means an exceptional phenomenon, prodigy or wonder. 1742 Walpole was forced to resign He is the guardian of Hades, the underworld, he blocks the entrance to the living and the exit to the dead. J.M.W. 2nd section (lines 4-8): Description of a view of London from Westminster Bridge in the early morning. Who opposed them? Step 5: Summary writing. Lilac words: words appealing to touch and to ‘interrogatories’ (line 22), tragedies; Seneca (division of the play into five The old man does not convince her to accept the help of Spain. The way Robinson tries to solve his problems reflects the ideology of the rising middle class in the Augustan Age in Britain. They are the relationship between the individual and society, the contrast between imagination and reason, and marriage. and also for burials. 1 The Words of Literature. Highlighted in grey: repetition of words belonging to the semantic area of magic, Boxes: from the verb ‘to lull’ to the verb ‘to dream’ (The rest of this stanza and the next two stanzas are about the knight’s dream.). Who was Richard III? Lines 57-61: The narrator describes the two characters. The final section of The Rime contains the farewell of the ancient Mariner to the Wedding Guest with one final piece of advice: people who love everyone ࣓ because we all are God’s creatures and God loves everyone - live better. First, the poet tells us something he loves about his lover, that is, her voice. The poetic diction is full of polysyllabic Latinisms, inversions and circumlocutions. Explain your answer. Like an initiation ceremony, fighting a dragon is a challenge to overcome fear and prove courage and virtues, so that the old man can be cast aside to let the new man prevail. What was its aim? Why did the Reformed clergy encourage the stories about Faust? Prospero’s books, which are his source of supernatural knowledge; his robe, which he wears as a magician and takes off when he is an ordinary man; his wand, which represents his instrument of power. What action does it perform? Student’s activity. However, there is the historical context of the folk revival in the 1960s and the desire both to give a message in a song and to emphasise innocence and universal values. 14th October 1066. T. The new interest in science helped get rid of ignorance without sacrificing imagination. In which ways did journalism evolve in England? London, Tate Gallery. What was the feudal system introduced by William I like? However, she is also an unconventional female character as she expresses her love vividly and through concrete images. A huge crowd of people They are seen as ‘a crowd’ (line 3) which moves and dances. Gulliver is a typical European. The preoccupations of modern man - his dilemmas, vain quests and searching - are confirmed. Highlighted in yellow: the rhyme scheme of the sonnet is ABBA ABBA CDC DEE. It stresses the desire of self-preservation and makes Robinson the universal representative of humanity, the person for whom all readers can substitute themselves. "Eer� x=VIJ��� ���m+nW+P�'Td�v_�������$y@�5��l��0o��W�^��� This What is regenerative medicine? The theme is marriage and its social conventions. Christian characters regard human relationships as more valuable than business ones, whereas Shylock is only interested in money. History and Culture, Literature and Genres, Authors and Texts: attraverso queste tre sezioni si sviluppa lo studio dei diversi periodi della letteratura inglese. Repetition and alliteration of harsh sounds. Who gives Juliet a drug to make her appear to be dead? Look at picture 1. / All the planes we flew / Good things we’ve been through’, ‘Everything I went through you were standing there by my side’, ‘A friendship turn to a bond’. He turned his face, he threw his victim back on to the bed and sprang at them. He was of noble birth, but wild and rough in his manners; his looks were hard, but handsome. Unlike the lyrics of Shelley and Byron, Keats’s lyrical poems are not fragments of a continual spiritual autobiography. He invokes the spirits of the earth and air, or the waters. several Yorkist plots against him, often helped Role of the artist: The guardian of the spirit and imagination. Why do you think these features make the creature a monster as soon as it is animated? Tragic atmosphere: lines 8-12; sad mood: lines 6, 12-19, 35-36. Where? To the impression of realism conveyed by the description of the objects, Swift adds a twist of absurdity through the distorted perspective of the Lilliputians. It has been interpreted as the description of a dream, which allows the poet to relate the supernatural and the less conscious part of his psyche to a familiar experience; as an allegory of the life of the soul in its passage from sin, through punishment, to redemption; as a description of the poetic journey of Romanticism. but Charles dismissed it because he thought In the Elizabethan world view, the killing of the king brought about chaos. Marriage is presented not as a sweet sacrament, but rather as a battle for supremacy between the future bride and groom, Millamant and Mirabell. ?�ax?a� � �����n�ZK�u���P%K �@p�G��C�q�����(Rӧzs��a2��Cn'�x7�L�݅��\a��$�VQ �BR)+sP��/�+ H[��1D�aԟ0��.ܲ'5�p{o�ネ���!p�14.�a2��"�ჩ�}�c��'�r�4GgL�C������}��:�+B3t^x��]�~ Philip James De Loutherbourg, An Avalanche in the Alps, 1803. Green words: key words are present in the first Poet’s role: The poet saw his role as one of providing ‘social’ poetry with models of refined behaviour. Who elopes with Jessica? or thatched roof protected the players from the When was a church called a ‘cathedral’? How has the poem been interpreted? When a sufficient opening had been made, he thrust inside a covered lantern (lines 15-25). What qualities of the Creator of the Lamb are emphasised in the first stanza? and this made England an ally of Spain against Nevertheless, the first steps towards change through reforms were taken. They are wealthy and dressed in elegant clothes. English Plus Pre Intermediate Soluzioni Esercizi Entry Checker.pdf - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. The poem is about sound and lack of sound. acting; Actresses played female roles, and actors were tied to the theatre by contract. Perhaps I should have been more discrete. He secured the crown for himself when Edward died. The most important influence What is the main syntactic structure of each stanza? What is the meaning of ‘star-cross’d lovers’ in line 6? Enclosures, increase of agricultural production and selective animal breeding. F He is the strongest of all men on earth. Define his pose and say what his left index finger is resting on. He decides to live there because he finds a new coin every morning, which allows him to lead a dissolute life. Short story, The place and time in which the action of astory happens. In which ways could treating climate change make societies safer and fairer? Faustus acquires the power he wanted, but at the end he cannot use it to save himself from hell. Where did she travel to in 2010? the importance of the individual; There was new emphasis on the significance of the individual. Seyton, the audience or himself? Why did he use the expression ‘my journey to nowhere’? prepared to fight back. finally executed. ‘save that light’ that shines bright in her eyes. The Lilliputians, who are very small people; the giants in Brobdingnag; absent-minded astronomers, philosophers and scientists on the flying island of Laputa; horses endowed with reason that rule over the Yahoos, a vile man-like race. Students should be assessed according to the quality of their response and their fluency. He wants to exalt the middleclass man. Who is speaking? Contrast between Hamlet’s father and Claudius (ll. However, his thoughts are for himself and not for his victim. Students should point out that the characters belong to the country gentry; they deal with the codes and conventions of behaviour in a small community; money and property influence the way people treat each other; marriage, decorum and money are central themes; third-person narration is employed but characters are brought into existence through dialogue, which plays a central role; verbal and situational irony is employed. Henry I 1100-1135 Malcolm. what tradition Shakespeare drew upon to portray Shylock. Why? A group of 24 knights, the same number the legendary Arthur had chosen, with high ideals of honour and service. What is the central theme of his works? rain. the other people involved or mentioned; ‘Late school-boys, and sour prentices’ (line 6), ‘courthuntsmen’ and ‘the King’ (line 7), ‘country ants’ (peasants) (line 8), ‘those kings’ (line 19), ‘all princes’ (line 21), the woman (lines 14-15, 21). marriage, his brother his houses and land, and It emphasises the fact that Manfred has gone beyond ordinary human experience. The name Mary I was given for burning about 3 people at the stake. Governments that fail to protect the people’s rights and promote the public good can legitimately be opposed and replaced. What did Christopher Marlowe add to the traditional themes of Faust’s story? Desdemona does not wish to accompany Othello to Cyprus. The poor scenery obliged the audience to use their imagination. Which adjective would you use to describe these megaliths? 6. Monologue. Why does Donne think that ‘Any man’s death diminishes me’ (lines 26-27)? Highlight words and phrases linked to the epilogue of the play. Loutherbourg develops the concept of the sublime revolved around the relationship between human beings and the grand or terrifying aspects of nature. Nature was regarded as a living force and, in a pantheistic vein, as the expression of God in the universe. What is the meaning of the verb ‘To plead’ (line 12)? These lines highlight the consequences of the knight’s dream. The tragic hero is worthy and brave but has a weakness; experiences a struggle between the best and worst sides of his personality; after coming close to success, experiences destruction. how the Christian characters differ from Shylock in dealing with business. representative of God on earth. Is he telling us something about the characters of Romeo and Juliet, or the nature of their love? the natural rules of the State. In the fourth part the chase is successful and ends in the destruction of Dracula within his castle. It is also a way of saying that he cannot join in with the communion of good people. Both Elizabeth and Darcy show an imperfect understanding of themselves and each other. To the Elizabethan audience, the plot itself was probably the least important as it was already known. What burns the ship? Conscience: According to Poe, conscience becomes the most powerful agent of the perverse because it betrays the self by revealing its deepest secrets; in the text the ‘tell-tale heart’ can be interpreted as the voice of the narrator’s conscience. Pink words: destructive power of time The use of this tense underlines the father-son relationship Highlighted in light blue: words referred to the world after death. What adjectives would you use to describe the narrator’s personality? He was admitted to the Inns of Court, in London, to study law. In 1915 Einstein’s general theory of relativity overcame Newton’s law and was able to demonstrate a better theory of gravitation. Why? They must be dated by combining three kinds of evidence: external, internal and stylistic. What is Portia trying to do in lines 33-36? It appeared at the beginning of the 19th century at a time when, for the first time, men from different nations were brought into contact by the Napoleonic Wars. A character may suddenly change from everyday prose to solemn verse. A nobleman. Education: After attending school, first in England and then in the States, he went to the University of Virginia, which he had to leave because of debt. Where was the narrator? The language of the senses is relevant to meaning in this scene. 10. He believed that natural images carried abstract, supernatural meanings and he used them in The Rime. Antonio. Prometheus, published anonymously in 1818. The Conquest annihilated the English ruling class because many Anglo-Saxon noblemen died in battle, were exiled or dispossessed of their lands. �MH��KQ.�� ��~�4��y|���/y��q> ^L���j;�/�rչ�����������B�8h~�� �h^�JIU�{r��.������d�>u�`��MM�%�^��Y�T����֐�A�Qf����Q�,lIu��=�. Did you know? Highlighted in violet: metaphors for Juliet Peasants’ Revolt: In 1381, during the first years In Keats’s view, the poet has ‘negative capability’. His/her ‘individualisation’ is therefore dynamic, in antithesis with the conventional medieval character portrait which was generally rather static. The following features are typical of the ‘tragic hero’ in Shakespearean tragedies. They exalted the atypical, the outcast, the rebel. Explain what is meant by ‘UN jargon’ and what example is given. it plays softly at the beginning and then reaches a crescendo. When the poet saw the daffodils, he ‘little thought’ (line 17) about what they meant to him. According to Donne, man is not complete in Decide whether the following statements referred to the hero are true or false. Church doctrine was Protestant The plots of his novels lack coherence. explain why, would not be giving a better answer What are the powers and supernatural traits of vampires? They share an idea of relief, rest and peace. He started to write in Whig papers; as a journalist his greatest achievement was The Review, the periodical which he published three times a week from 1704 to 1713. Stanza 3: The West wind, which has been calm in the Mediterranean, starts to disturb and frighten all the living creatures on the deep sea bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. J, Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too? Highlighted in yellow: stage directions They were freedom and love. The king dismissed the Petition of Right of 1628 because he thought that he was king by divine right. His private life was restless. Way of riding: easily She screamed wildly and wailed despairingly. 4th section (lines 13-14): The poet’s verse will Who disguises herself as a lawyer? It was concerned with the potential power of style and composition in the visual arts as much as in the language. From the origins to the present age. It is the symbol of freedom. The device of the soliloquy forced the actor to shout to make himself heard. In what ways do the descriptions in the extract seem like a dream? was a rebel against the political authority of the Yes, he did. No, he is not. 2-. Chapter, The angle from which the story is told. The length of the lines varies. who his first victim is; Duncan, the King of Scotland. ‘Emotion recollected in tranquillity’ (line 36) means. She drowns herself. The poet’s attitude is anguished and bitter, and there is a direct attack on industrialisation and rationalisation. It helps create a delicate atmosphere and a feeling of accomplishment when the two young lovers finally kiss each other. Merchant. Defoe concentrates his description on the primary qualities of objects, especially their solidity, extension and number, rather than on the secondary ones (colour, texture, flavour). The demons are the singer’s insecurities, The message is optimistic, linked to a re-generation of mankind. If this is the case, then whatever action we take to change the future can be only one of the steps necessary to achieve that precise future. Circle the personal pronouns. comely; handsome; perfectly well made; tall; well shaped; straight, strong limbs, manly; sweet, soft features; round and plump, not quite black; very tawny; a bright kind of a dun olive colour; agreeable. What is the effect she hopes to get? Death: In 1820 the symptoms of tuberculosis became evident in Keats. In part two, Dracula travels to England, where he seduces and destroys an innocent English girl, Lucy Westenra. When did the historical novel appear? Who are ‘we’ and ‘you’? Blue words: the action of moving forward is At the beginning of the play, the black Othello is the champion of honesty and he, a barbarian, behaves like a perfect Christian. The command of the Venetian army is given to Othello. What has he been doing? After his disillusionment with the French Revolution, he and the poet Robert Southey (1774-1843) planned to move to America and to establish a utopian community in Pennsylvania, called ‘Pantisocracy’, where every economic activity would be done as a community, and private ownership would not exist.